AHH! Board of Directors

What is Installation?:

In the Spring of each year,the AHH! Chorus holds an Installation & AHH!wards Dinner during which the newly elected board members are installed. It is also a time when all those who have contributed in one way or another to the chorus success are recognized, and Annual AHH!wards are presented. Our Annual Installation & AHH!wards Dinner is presented by the Past Presidents of AHH!


2020-2021 - Barbara Schultz

2019-2020 - Barbara Schultz

2018-2019 - Barbara Schultz

2017-2018 - Barbara Schultz

2016-2017 - Barbara Schultz

2015-2016 - Becky Crusoe

2014-2015 - Louise Messer

2013-2014 - Rose Lambiotte

2011-2013 - Elaine Guzik

2009-2011 - Tricia Horton

2007-2009 - Judy Rogers

2005-2007 - Kay Brunner

Previous years: Kathie Edwards,  Angie White,  Diane Nixon,  Yvette Thomas,  Fay Dukes,  Sylvia Drake,  Elaine Guzik,  Diane Luster,  Pauline Wilson,  Dinky McNabb 

2020-2021 Board Members

Barb Schultz - President

Sally McLeish - Vice President

Liz Frank - Ass't. Vice President

Kathi Evans - Treasurer

Linda Demyan - Secretary

Zoë Woodhams - Marketing

Sue Ham - Membership

Carol Higgins - Events

Marcia Loftin - Fundraising (guest)