AHH! Management Team

What is Installation?:

In the Spring of each year,the AHH! Chorus holds an Installation & AHH!wards Dinner during which the newly elected Team members are installed. It is also a time when all those who have contributed in one way or another to the chorus success are recognized, and Annual AHH!wards are presented. 

Team Coordinators

2023-2024 - Barbara Schultz, Linda Demyan

2022-2023 - Barbara Schultz, Linda Demyan


2021-2022 - Barbara Schultz

2020-2021 - Barbara Schultz

2019-2020 - Barbara Schultz

2018-2019 - Barbara Schultz

2017-2018 - Barbara Schultz

2016-2017 - Barbara Schultz

2015-2016 - Becky Crusoe

Previous years: Louise Messer, Rose Lambiotte, Elaine Guzik, Tricia Horton, Judy Rogers, Kay Brunner, Kathie Edwards,  Angie White,  Diane Nixon,  Yvette Thomas,  Fay Dukes,  Sylvia Drake,  Elaine Guzik,  Diane Luster,  Pauline Wilson,  Dinky McNabb 

2023-2024 Management Team

Barb Schultz - Team Coordinator

Linda Demyan - Co-Team Coordinator

Kathi Evans - Treasurer

Therese Eyermann - Secretary

Barb Schultz - acting Marketing

Sally Bilodeau - Membership

Events - vacant

Marcia Loftin - Fundraising (guest)