Ralph's Card Grocery Contribution Program


If you shop at Ralph's grocery please sign up for a no cost to you program that benefits AHH! Chorus. When you register your Ralphs's card a portion of your shopping dollar is automatically donated to our chorus. THANKS FOR DOING THIS!!

Sign up here and reference #WX694 for our NPO number



Every September 1, you will need to re-enroll in the Ralphs Club Fundraiser.). Follow these instructions for RE-ENROLLMENT each September:

1. Just go online at www.ralphs.com

2. Click on Sign In

3. Click on My Account

4. Click on Community Rewards

5. Complete the information with AHH's organization number - NPO # WX694


If you don't have an online Ralphs account and have never supported AHH! with your Ralphs purchases - please Sign Up!

Follow these instructions for Signing up at Ralphs Community Contribution Enrollment!

1:  Go to www.ralphs.com

2:  On the top menu, pick Register

3:  Put in your email address, create a password, put in your zip code and choose the store you frequent.

5:  Enter your Ralphs Rewards Card number or your alternate number if you use your phone number for getting your Ralphs Reward.

 6:  Verify all info on the next page

 7:  Go to your email, you’ll have an email waiting for you from Ralphs – one last step to activate!  Click on the link about halfway down the email. 

 8:  **Most important – you need to go to ralphs.com -  Community Contribution and put in  #WX694 for the Agoura Hills Harmony Chorus NPO number to support our chorus.

In a few weeks, you should see at the bottom of your store receipt this message -  "At your request, Ralphs is donation to the Agoura Hills Harmony Chorus"