AHH!Ward Winners

Congratulations!!! to 2015-2016 AHH!ward winners

"Rookie of the Year" - Barb Schultz

"Spark Plug"  - Diana Race

"Spotlight" - Kathy Berk

"SOAR" - Victoria Andersen

"Song in My Heart" - Genie Boruski

"Sweet Adeline of the Year" - Bernie Cole

"Unsung Hero (ine) 2016 - Sally Bilodeau'

Past AHH!ward Winners

Rookie of the Year: Award established in 2003

This award, presented by Le Papillion Club (Past Presidents), celebrates a new member who has excelled in her first year. Past winners include:

Diane Muscarella * Louise Messer * Bonnie Manning * Victoria Andersen * Pam Garvin * Andrea Heisser * Sharon McCully * Kim Toth-Tevel * Leslie Way * Lisa Pederson-Denninger

Spark Plug: Award established in 1991

Presented by the Director, this award is given to a woman whose musical energy is contagious and sparks excitement in others. Past winners include:

Genie Boruski * Marcia Loftin * Angie White * Ro Rush * Pam Garvin * Sally Bilodeau * Kim Toth-Tevel * Betty Ford * Tina Rowley * Kathi Evans * Catherine Berriz * Sue Saunders * Silvia Drake * Elaine Foley * Jeanne Rudolph * Jane Meade * Andy Server * Celia Hogan * Joan D'Agostino * Diane Luster * Sally McLeish * Sylvia Drake * Corkey Harvey * Linda Lu Hardy

Spotlight: Award Established in 1991

This award, presented by the Director and the Visual Team celebrates it's recipient for Personal excellence in Showmanship. Past winners include:

Sue Allison * Julie Jones * Kirchner Trio * Dinky McNabb * Genie Boruski * Lorri Whiteside * Faye Friedman * Donna Bryar * Anita Levine * Yvette Jourdan * Sylvia Drake * Sally Bilodeau * JoAnn Young * Bonnie Fisher *Kathee Hans * Stacey Conchelos * Phyllis Pleet * DeAnne Taylor * Marjorie Grabe * Celia Hogen * Julie Berryman * Genie Boruski * Andy Server * Diane Luster

Director's S.O.A.R: Award established in 2008

The Director's "SOAR" ... Singing Outstanding Achievement Recognition is given honoring individual musical achievement. Past winners include:

Lorri Whiteside * Tina Rowley * JoAnn Young * Megan Ruth * Phyllis Pleet * Sally McLeish * Catherine Berriz

With a Song in My Heart: Award established in 2008

This award, chosen by the President and Director, honoring Anne Casey is presented to a chorus memeber who exemplifies the Heart and Spirit of AHH! for gifts of the spirirt... Peace, Love and Harmony. Past winners include:

Jeri Johnston * Angie White * Phyllis Pleet * Diane luster * Debbie Muffoletto * Betty Ford * Linda Parkinson * Judy Rogers

"Unsung Hero (ine)" - Regional Award established in 2015

Marcia Loftin - 2015

"Sweet Adeline of the Year": S.A.Y. AHH!

This award, chosen by the BOD, from Nominations submitted by the chorus\ honors a member who has made significant contributions to AHH! Chorus.  This award may now only be presented to a member one time. Past winners include:

Bernie Cole * Sharon McCully *  Sally McLeish * Debbie Muffoletto * Linda Parkinson * Sharyn Landau * Marcia Loftin * Dinky McNabb * Kathi Evans * Angie White * Sylvia Drake * Diane Nixon * Zona Snyder * Donna Bryar * Jackie Andress * Julie Berryman * Anne Casey *  Elaine Guzik *  Betty Ford * Pauline Wilson *