AHH!Some Chairs and Officers 2016


Thank you to our AHH!some Chairs and Officers

Angel Fund - Elaine Guzik
Awards - Jackie Andress
Bylaws and Standing rules - Sue Allison and Elaine Guzik
Competition Breakfast - Elaine Guzik
Facilities - Tina Rowley
Fair Share - Celia Hogen
Historian - Barb Schultz
Marketing - DeAnne Taylor
Membership - Debbie Muffoletto
Nominating Committee - Celia Hogen
Performance Team Cooridinator - Carol Higgins
Picnic - Debbie Muffoletto
Publicity/Marketing DeAnne Taylor
Meet-up - Debbie Muffoletto
Regional Housing and Registration - Sue Allison/DeAnne Taylor
Retreat - Jeri Johnston
Risers - Tina Rowley
Roster and Black book - Marcia Loftin/ Debbie Muffoletto
Social Events - Linda Parkinson
Sunshine  - Maureen Kaye
Sponsorships - Marcia Loftin
Ways and Means - Marcia Loftin
Webmaster - Marcia Loftin

Then there are the officers

President - Barb Schultz
Vice President - Becky Crusoe
Recording Secretary - Sharyn Landau
Corresponding Secretary - Maureen Kaye
Treasurer - Carol McNabb